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Message from the President

Stacey Leigh Patterson 2016

Stacey Leigh Patterson
President, 2016-2017

2016-2017 “Go Forth” - The compass, which points in all directions, is symbolic of not only of spreading God’s word throughout the world, but His love through meeting physical needs and spiritual needs through volunteerism or giving freely of one’s time and possessions, to help those who need to be shown the love of humanity and love of God.

As I take a few moments to reflect and gather my thoughts to write this letter, I have to say what a rare privilege and extreme honor it is to be serving the Junior League of San Angelo as it’s 70th President. Over my time with the JLSA, I have seen such amazing good shared and lives touched. I’ve had the honor of watching shy league members become amazing, confident leaders both within our organization, in their families and in our community. I’ve seen children find joy in receiving food, new clothing, books, wisdom shared and time given. I’ve witnessed young girls look up to league members as we help show them what empowered, passionate, engaged women look like. I’ve watched community members shed tears as our impact on the community has touched their hearts. I’ve experienced this group of amazing women rally together more times than I can count to work together to achieve goals, conquer obstacles and impact people’s lives in our community.

I’d like to take a moment to celebrate a few of the achievements our league has accomplished this past year. Last May, JLSA won an international award for Membership Recruitment and Engagement at the 94th Annual AJLI Convention. I would like to mention that award was won competing with 291 other leagues in 4 countries. What a shining moment in our league’s history. As we have transitioned over the last few years, I have heard a lot of questions of what our next legacy project will be. I would like to answer that with: One of our main goals was to successfully and thoughtfully build the league’s membership back to a level of quality, trained individuals who will be the future of that next signature project. With the 39 new actives and a new provisional class of 44 women, we are well on our way. I cannot wait to see what is next with all of these women’s many talents. Additionally, we hosted our 3rd Annual Touch-A-Truck in April and received amazing reviews that it was the largest and best yet. Another goal we achieved this year was boasting our second year to sell out our signature fundraiser Western Dance. Furthermore, the provisional class successfully and flawlessly held their 2nd Annual Healthy Hearts, Early Starts. We recently reached our goal of 1,500 likes on our Facebook page. Beyond reaching these goals, we introduced our new project The Children’s Literacy Project and we are so excited about developing this project even more in the coming years. And last, but most certainly not least, I really feel that we helped empower and train the women of JLSA this past year.

Our goals for the year are hosting three successful fundraisers, continuing to grow The Children’s Literacy Project, Student Closet and Done in a Day. We want to build on the success of Healthy Hearts Early Starts, and we want to continue to build community partnerships that we started. Our final goal was to grow the league, and with another successful recruitment, we have already hit that goal. My most important goal this year is to continue to develop the potential of women within our league so that they can be trained to “Go Forth” and serve our community.

Stacey Leigh Patterson, 2016-2017 Junior League of San Angelo President