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1675 AJLI Atlanta 2016

Patterson, Elliott & Rose


The Junior League of San Angelo was recognized for our Membership Recruitment and Engagement program at the 94th Annual Conference of The Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) held in Atlanta in May.

Twelve individual Leagues were acknowledged for innovation at the conference, which brought together women from 291 Junior Leagues in four countries. The commended Junior Leagues received awards in areas ranging from fundraising to membership development to achieving community impact.

Four years ago in the Junior League of San Angelo, membership stagnation resulted in a membership class in the low twenties with a drop in retention to 67%. In its 2015-2016 league year, in contrast, JLSA recruited 47 provisionals (new members) which was the largest class ever and currently has one hundred and ten women on the recruitment list for the 2016-2017 class and most recently accepted 46 provisionals for the 2016-2017 league year.

What changed? JLSA did. JLSA reformed membership requirements allowing members to tailor their JLSA experience to match their own lifestyle and interests. Then, it fully emersed provisionals in league life through a new curriculum. That was the flexible part of the strategy. The other part came through a vicious social media campaign to raise awareness and to showcase JLSA’s projects bringing our mission to a much larger audience of potential members. A great side benefit was community visibility shot up too.

“Our annual awards program celebrates the outstanding accomplishments and significant contributions that Junior Leagues make in their communities, day in and day out,” said AJLI President Ellen Rose, a member of the Junior League of the City of New York. “But this is more than just an awards program for our Leagues; it also celebrates the commitment of the women who design and implement these initiatives and exemplify the spirit of volunteer leadership that has been a feature of The Junior League for 115 years.”

“I am so proud of what our league has been able to accomplish,” says Lindsey Elliott, JLSA 2015-2016 President. “Winning an award of this caliber shows how much work and dedication our league has put in; not only in growing our own membership, but in training women to be leaders in our community.”

Pictured at right - 2015-2016 Junior League of San Angelo President-Elect Stacey Leigh Patterson and JLSA President Lindsey Elliott with AJLI President Ellen Rose as JLSA receives the International Award for Membership Recruitment and Engagement at The Association of Junior Leagues International’s 94th Annual Conference.

Helen Lowenfield Chandler

1995 Mary Harriman
Award Winner
The Junior League of San Angelo

Causes/Issue Area(s): The Arts, Diversity, Education, Child Welfare

What’s her impact?

Helen Lowenfield "Tilly" Chandler received her first Junior League award in 1958 as an El Paso Provisional for her work on a tough assignment. One of her first placements was in an understaffed child welfare office. Seeing the problems caused by lack of funding, Tilly wrote her first grant proposal for a special adoptions department, which the agency used to place more than 30 children in the first 18 months of its operation.

A fourth-generation Texan, she moved to San Angelo in the late 1970s and, after transferring to the Junior League of San Angelo, soon became known as "a one-woman gang" for her work in education, diversity, civic pride, art museums, and historical celebrations. Among her many other roles, Tilly co-chaired the town's centennial celebration in 1989 and developed tourism programs, including a cowboy breakfast.


Helen Lowenfield Chandler
1995 Mary Harriman
Award Winner